Planned to Perfection – Controlling Aircraft Maintenance for Better Outcomes

By Mark Steinbeck, Chief Commercial Officer, JSSI Maintenance Software

Business aviation’s maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) providers have been juggling significant market pressures for a long time and those issues have only multiplied in the wake of the pandemic. It’s therefore no surprise that many in the industry are increasingly seeking more innovative ways to utilize technology to improve efficiency.

At JSSI, we support more than 5,000 business aircraft, including all makes and models of business jets, turboprops, and helicopters. This means we are uniquely positioned to connect a wealth of independent and objective maintenance data to deliver substantial time and cost efficiencies for our customers and help them make more informed decisions.


Maintenance software that works for you

When it comes to keeping work moving and returning an aircraft or an entire fleet to the air, choosing sophisticated aircraft maintenance software can be a game changer. With JSSI Maintenance Software, we are bringing streamlined and impartial maintenance management and maintenance tracking services to meet the unique needs of any size business aircraft operation or maintenance shop.

Subscribing to a software platform should be about more than just the technology, it should be about the people you will work with. At JSSI, we are focused on developing true customer relationships, because we can’t advocate for our customers if we don’t know them! We even offer dedicated expert analysts to ensure there’s always someone on the other end of the phone who truly understands each aircraft and its unique history.

Using data to minimize aircraft downtime

Accurate and timely maintenance data brings greater transparency and ultimately helps operators make more informed decisions. By integrating maintenance tracking, inventory management and MRO operations data, JSSI Maintenance Software offers significant cost- and time-savings to aircraft operators and MROs of any size.

We deliver innovative maintenance planning tools to help customers minimize aircraft-on-ground (AOG) timings and meticulously plan their maintenance schedules, including efficient inventory and material management. To further minimize delays, workshops can even be given a parts list that includes all the components that need to be ordered for an upcoming maintenance event.

Stabilize aircraft maintenance costs

Unscheduled maintenance events are not only harder to slot into workshop schedules, but also typically end up costing customers more than planned maintenance. Another benefit of our maintenance software’s planning capabilities is that parts can be sourced ahead of time at a competitive price, significantly driving down the event cost. By analyzing your operation’s component reliability trends, historical data can be utilized to ensure sufficient stock levels of spare parts. When faced with an unscheduled maintenance event, you are then in a much better position to get the aircraft back in the air.

Advanced planning capabilities also means multiple maintenance events can be combined at once to save additional time and money. For example, if an aircraft is approaching a maintenance event, the intelligent software conveniently highlights other upcoming maintenance items that are in the same zone on the aircraft. This tool can really assist in driving costs down, so that operators are only paying for shops to remove the same panels and components one time to access a certain part of the aircraft.

The integrated way we serve our customers provides better control and predictability. JSSI customers can choose to take advantage of the significant scale of our parts sourcing operation. With over 400 vendor relationships, we source parts in both a timely manner and at a reduced cost. Additionally, our expert technical team can help manage maintenance events for all makes and models. Taken together, it puts our customers in a position of unmatched control, even in unplanned situations.

Data-driven aircraft maintenance

Planning makes perfect and when it comes to aircraft maintenance, well-processed data helps achieve well-planned maintenance events. Industry-leading maintenance management reporting through our Traxxall service leverages aircraft performance data across all makes and models to enable better decision making, reduce costs, and maximize fleet availability. Or, for customers looking for a simpler feature set, our SierraTrax service is the ideal maintenance tracking software solution for a smaller operation. Whichever you choose, the extensive range of capabilities available from JSSI Maintenance Software means more aircraft are kept flying as safely and cost-effectively as possible and repair stations can ultimately work more efficiently.

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