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Jet Engine Leasing

We manage a portfolio of commercial and business aviation jet and turboprop engines available for lease.

Leasing Solutions for Jet Engines, Turboprops & APUs

We specialize in Honeywell, Pratt & Whitney, and Rolls-Royce engine leases and APU rentals, with worldwide access to many other makes and models.

Contact us today to discuss the jet engine or APU you are searching for. Our active portfolio is ready to support the following models:

Engine Leases
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    Honeywell TFE731 Series
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    Pratt & Whitney PW300 Series
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    Rolls-Royce BR710 Series
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    Safran Arriel 2S2
APU Rentals
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    Honeywell GTCP36 Series
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    Honeywell RE100XL
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    Honeywell RE220

Engine & APU Lease Pool

Select OEM to view available engines

Type Model Serial No. Part No.
APU GTCP36-150[F2M] P-272 3800548-2
APU GTCP36-150CL P-268C 3800804-1
APU GTCP36-150CL P-284C 3800804-1
APU GTCP36-150CX P-320 3800576-1
APU GTCP36-150RJ P-160C 3800488-3
APU RE100XL P-181 3800722-1
APU RE100XL P-185 3800722-1
APU RE100XL P-128 3800722-1
APU RE220GV P-155 WE3800700-1
APU RE220GV P-104 WE3800700-1
APU RE220GX P-117 WE3800714-1
APU RE220GX P-198 WE3800714-1
Engine CFE738-1-1B P105173 3050000-5
Engine CFE738-1-1B P105350 3050000-5
Engine CFE738-1-1B P105148 3050000-5
Engine HTF7000 P118173 3030001-4
Engine HTF7000 P118174 3030001-4
Engine TFE731-40R-200G P-113250 3060040-5
Type Model Serial No. Part No.
Engine PW305A PCE-305172 31B4067-2
Engine PW305A PCE-305171 31B4067-2
Engine PW305A PCE-305158 31B4067-2
Engine PW306B PCE-CD0148 30B3100-02
Engine PW306B PCE-CD0147 30B3100-02
Engine PW306B PCE-CD0143 30B3100-02
Engine PW306B PCE-CD0046 30B3100-02
Type Model Serial No. Part No.
Engine AE3007A13 CAE312724 23070402
Engine AE3007C1 CAE330071 AE3007C
Engine AE3007C1 CAE330084 AE3007C
Engine BR700-710A1-10 11123 BR700-710A1-10
Engine BR700-710A1-10 11124 BR700-710A1-10
Engine BR700-710A2-20 12141 BR700-710A2-20
Engine BR700-710A2-20 12150 BR700-710A2-20
Engine BR700-710A2-20 12260 BR700-710A2-20
Engine BR700-710A2-20 12234 BR700-710A2-20
Engine BR700-710A2-20 12281 BR700-710A2-20
Type Model Serial No. Part No.
Engine ARRIEL 2S2 42085 292005450
Engine ARRIEL 2S2 42056 292005450

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