Make a Change

JSSI is committed to doing all we can to streamline the path to reduced emissions and providing the tools aircraft owners and operators need to drive change towards a sustainable future for our planet and for our industry.

As part of this mission, JSSI will offset employee business air travel with carbon credits from 2021 onward, helping to reduce our net carbon footprint.

Helping Our Clients Take Action

We are proud to team up with Avfuel to provide efficient
and effective solutions to take meaningful action.

The business aviation industry has made
a bold commitment to emissions reduction:

50%Reduction in carbon emissions by 2050, relative to 2005

Carbon neutral growth from 2020 onward

2%Improvement in efficiency per year from 2010 until 2020

How the Program Works

JSSI Hourly Cost Maintenance Program clients can now purchase carbon credits through the Avfuel Carbon Offset Program directly within the MyJSSI client portal. Each carbon credit purchased will offset approximately 100 gallons of jet fuel. Credits will be invested in one of several greenhouse gas (GHG) mitigation projects.

All projects meet the strict requirements of either the Gold Standard, Verra, or American Carbon Registry (ACR) to ensure full levels of due diligence and compliance. This means each carbon credit investment is certified to be genuine and ultimately feeds directly into the environmental project.

GHG Mitigation Projects:

Additional Tools & Resources

CO2 Calculator

Now it’s easier than ever to estimate your aircraft’s carbon emissions, and what it would cost to offset these emissions, with the Conklin & de Decker CO2 Calculator. Try it now!

Calculate Emissions

Sustainable Aviation Fuel

Industry Commitment

Business aviation is committed to reducing GHG emissions from aircraft and has a proven record of advances in carbon reduction. The industry has continually promoted investment in, and development of, innovative products, procedures and policies aimed at reducing its environmental footprint.

The adoption of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) in place of conventional jet fuel in use today is a critical step on the path to reducing aviation’s emissions. Derived from biomatter, SAF burns cleaner and can drastically reduce emissions compared to conventional jet fuel.

An added benefit is that SAF can be blended with standard jet fuel, so no changes are required and manufacturers do not have to redesign engines or aircraft.

Learn more about business aviation’s sustainable fuel initiative

Available Now at Avfuel

Avfuel has partnered with Neste—a leading provider of renewable and circular solutions—to bring you sustainable aviation fuel. Available now primarily on the West Coast of the U.S., customers outside of this region will soon be able to purchase the fuel via Avfuel’s book and claim model.

Use this Avfuel tool to find and purchase SAF. Just look for FBOs marked with a green leaf.

Find Sustainable Aviation Fuel