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Purpose built for Part 91 owner-pilots, Traxxall Aviator provides intuitive, cost-effective maintenance tracking designed with the end-user in mind. Ideal for light jets and turboprops.

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Key Features

  • Control access to your records & ensure data privacy
  • Transition of historical records to protect your resale value
  • Modern interface to quickly search parts, serial numbers and inspection history
  • Maintenance due notifications
  • Cloud-based backups to keep your records safe
  • Digital aircraft records module

Explore Traxxall Aviator

Maintenance Due

Stay on top of upcoming maintenance with accurate and easy-to-understand projections of what's coming due on your aircraft.

Regulatory Compliance

Keep up with regulatory changes by receiving notifications of newly added Service Bulletins and Airworthiness Directives.

Preserve Your Aircraft Value

Our intuitive platform provides essential information at your fingertips and helps protect your asset with secure document storage. Easily access and share your aircraft records from any device.

No Long-Term Contracts

We want to earn your business every day. We are stewards of your data and it always belongs to you.

Friendly Support

Our team of former OEM and industry veterans are passionate about aviation. We understand your tracking needs and will seamlessly migrate your existing maintenance data into our platform.

Up to 75% less expensive than alternative maintenance tracking solutions

Turboprop Tracking

per year

Jet Tracking

per year

Explore Traxxall Aviator for FREE – offer for new Textron aircraft.  Contact us for more details.

Textron Aviation Recommended Maintenance Tracking Provider


Real Time Updates

Aircraft records and due reports are updated as soon as the data is submitted. Work performed on your aircraft is easily entered in Traxxall Aviator and instantly viewable.

Historical Search

Maintain full electronic history of your aircraft records with historical MTR or logbook upload capabilities. Quickly search for component part, serial number, or inspection history.

User-Friendly Interface

Modern, cloud-based architecture that’s built with the end user in mind. Easy to navigate features include customizable reports, maintenance due notifications, and digital document archiving.

Data Privacy

With Traxxall Aviator, you are always in control of the access to your aircraft and personal data.

Simple Onboarding

Register your Traxxall Aviator account in a few quick steps. It’s that easy.

We’ll connect with you within 1-2 business days to discuss your aircraft maintenance tracking needs, and advise next steps to collect your maintenance documents.

Once we receive your maintenance documentation, our expert analysts perform a thorough review to ensure comprehensive data migration.

Sit back while we do the heavy lifting and transfer your maintenance data into Traxxall Aviator. We’ll let you know once everything’s ready!

Integration Partners

The Traxxall Aviator API allows third-party applications to securely exchange information with our platform, enabling seamless communication between the two platforms and helping to keep data in sync and enhance productivity. Unique API credentials can be created by an administrator of your Aviator account for each third-party application, allowing granular control of the data being shared.

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