Aircraft Engine Maintenance Program

Vital scheduled and unscheduled maintenance protection for your jet or turboprop engines is just a phone call away, from shop visits, airworthiness directives and service bulletins to catastrophic engine failure.

The JSSI Engine Program Advantage

Protection from new engine warranty exclusions

Dedicated Product Line Specialist

Labor reimbursement for in-house maintenance

Foreign object damage (FOD) gap coverage

Coverage to Fit Your Needs

Learn about our different programs and engine enrollment options.


Every day, thousands of aircraft owners, operators and MRO businesses worldwide rely on the JSSI Advantage to stabilize aircraft maintenance costs and increase residual value for virtually every make and model of business aircraft.

Technical Expertise

Independent Advocates

Personalized Service

JSSI Engine Program Benefits

  • Stabilize maintenance costs with one fixed hourly rate
  • No buy-in fees at enrollment with pro rata cost sharing
  • Experienced team of aviation professionals
  • Dedicated Product Line Specialist
  • Single point of contact
  • 24/7 support
  • Receive labor reimbursement for in-house maintenance
  • Protection from new engine warranty exclusions
  • Supplemental lift to cover rental engines
  • Access JSSI engine lease pool and parts inventory
  • Minimize downtime
  • Enhance residual value

What it Covers

  • Hard-time and on-condition maintenance
  • Parts and labor for scheduled and unscheduled shop visits
  • Parts and labor for unscheduled replacement of life-limited components (LLCs)
  • Labor for engine removal and reinstallation
  • Engine corrosion repair
  • Engine freight costs
  • Repair and replacement of engine accessories/line replaceable units (LRUs)
  • Parts for routine inspections
  • Labor for routine borescopes
  • Logistical support (requiring engine removal)
  • Troubleshooting labor allowance
  • Service bulletins (SBs)
  • Airworthiness directives (ADs)
  • Engine health monitoring
  • Spectrometric oil analysis
  • Rental engine costs
  • Foreign object damage (FOD) gap coverage
  • Program transferable at the time of sale
  • Parts and labor for scheduled replacement of LLCs
  • Labor for routine inspections
  • Priority shipping for parts
  • Logistical support for any AOG
  • 24/7 worldwide maintenance support
  • And more…

Complimentary Conklin & de Decker

Every JSSI HCM Program includes complimentary access to the Conklin & de Decker Aircraft Operating Cost & Performance Guide, the industry’s leading aircraft benchmarking and comparison tool.

  • Enjoy streamlined access to trusted aircraft data
  • Make fully informed ownership and operating decisions
  • Access the web-based tool and mobile app anytime, anywhere

Exclusive Jet Engine Program Features

Engine Coverage

Get scheduled and unscheduled maintenance protection for your jet or turboprop engines, including all routine engine inspections and scheduled repair and replacement of life-limited components.

Single-Source Solution

World-renowned service and technical support is always just a phone call away. We are the ultimate single-source solution for airframe maintenance.


Your dedicated Client Relationship manager can help you transfer maintenance reserves to virtually any jet aircraft, regardless of make or model. No other maintenance program gives you this advantage.

Independent Service

Every member of the JSSI team works nonstop to deliver independent maintenance solutions and customer service that works for you, regardless of jet engine or airframe manufacturer.

24/7 Global Support

Just one call and we’ve got you covered anytime, anywhere with regionally based Sales Representatives, Client Relationship Managers, Contract Specialists, Technical Advisors and worldwide AOG assistance.

Enhanced Residual Value

Enrolling on an aircraft maintenance program results in an enhanced resale value, as verified by VRef and Aircraft Bluebook. JSSI programs are valued on par with OEM programs by lenders, appraisers and brokers.

The JSSI Advantage

Extend your flight department and get the most experienced team of aviation experts in the business in your corner of the hangar. You’ll enjoy unrivaled independent customer service and benefit from maintenance budget stability for years to come.


JSSI Hourly Cost Maintenance (HCM) Programs leverage decades of independent operating costs and maintenance data, MRO relationships, technical expertise and market knowledge. It means we’re uniquely positioned to help you manage the often unpredictable costs of operating and maintaining virtually all makes and models of aircraft, engines and APUs.


Every stage of your aircraft’s maintenance event, from teardown to recertification, is monitored by a JSSI Technical Advisor with thousands of hours of expertise across multiple makes and models of fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft. We harness our global buying power to negotiate the best rates and closely manage all costs throughout the event.


We serve clients through our own global infrastructure of more than 70 certified Technical Advisors. This unique team of technical aviation experts offers decades of combined expertise on a diverse range of aircraft and engine makes and models; including Beechcraft, Bombardier, Cessna, Embraer, Falcon, Gulfstream, GE, Honeywell, Pratt & Whitney Canada, Rolls-Royce, and many more OEMs.


The JSSI technical team is comprised of almost every field in the aviation MRO industry. With long-standing relationships with MROs and FBOs throughout the United States, Europe, Asia, and Central and South America, we can always recommend the best facility.

Delivering a
Sustainable Future

JSSI is committed to doing all we can to streamline the path to reduced emissions. Find out more about how we’re working with Avfuel to make it easier than ever for our clients to estimate carbon emissions, purchase carbon credits, and access sustainable aviation fuel.

Let's Talk

Get support for your assets with help from our global network. Contact us today to find out how JSSI can become a vital extension of your aircraft maintenance department and ensure 24/7 assistance wherever you fly.

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