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Stabilize repair and operational costs and minimize downtime with 50,000+ aircraft parts in stock and available for immediate sale. Your team of parts and engine experts is standing by to rapidly quote or source the quality parts you need.

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Your Single-Source Aircraft Parts Solution

JSSI supports 10% of the world’s business jets and manages 10,000+ maintenance events every year. At JSSI Parts & Leasing, we help thousands of aircraft owners, operators, and MROs worldwide procure parts, reduce cost and swiftly resume flying.

We get you the right part, at the right price, at the right time.

Specialized Expertise

Unrivaled Service

Multichannel Access

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    Dedicated Product Line Managers with 50+ years’ combined industry experience
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    Deep understanding of your aircraft components
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    24/7 global sales and procurement team
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    60-minute quote turnaround time
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    Logistics support and buying power of JSSI
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    Phone, email and online parts ordering
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    Same-day shipping
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    Regional inventory stocking

Independent Expertise

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    30+ years of pricing knowledge and data to drive down costs
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    Expertise tailored to your unique aircraft or operation
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    Dedicated Product Line Representatives with 20+ years’ experience

Outstanding Service

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    24/7 global procurement team
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    Logistics support and buying power of JSSI
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    Industry-leading white-glove service

Online Parts Ordering

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    50,000+ lines of available warehouse inventory
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    Dynamic market-based pricing
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    Same-day shipping and live status updates

Parts for Business and Commercial Jets, Turboprops & Helicopters

50,000+ stock lines available for immediate sale!

From anti-ice valves to windshields, we’re ready to rapidly source the aircraft parts and assets you need.

Contact our expert procurement team to check latest availability of inboard flaps, slat actuators, brakes, generators, engine controls, wheels, antennas, batteries, thrust reversers, heat exchangers, displays, ignition exciters, radomes, and much more!

What Sets Us Apart

Wherever you’re based, with one phone call or a couple of taps in our convenient online portal, you have 24/7 access to an extensive inventory and qualified global vendor network to source assets for anything that flies. All with the world-renowned personal service and buying power of the largest purchaser of parts and maintenance services in the business aviation industry.

Our experience across virtually every make and model of commercial and business jet, turboprop and helicopter means we understand parts requirements like no other. It’s why we’re uniquely positioned to identify and acquire quality aircraft for part-out opportunities, rapidly source the exact new and serviceable parts you need, and deliver them to you at the best price on the market.

We provide invaluable consultation and quick solutions to even the toughest aircraft parts request.

Parts in stock to support more than:


Airframe Models


APU Models


Engine Models

Aircraft Teardowns and Part Outs

We identify, teardown and part out a wide range of aircraft. It means we always have a selection of quality parts available for many different aircraft makes and models. Contact us to check the latest inventory!

Aircraft we’ve recently parted out:

  • Gulfstream G200
  • Cessna Citation X
  • Gulfstream GV
  • Learjet 60
  • Challenger 601
  • Learjet 35
  • Dassault Falcon 2000

We Deliver Results

In one recent part-out success story, a customer had reached out to multiple sources before contacting us to request a traffic collision avoidance system (TCAS) for a Learjet 60.

Our team was able to secure a ready-to-go part with an FAA 8130-3 serviceable tag part from one of our Learjet teardowns at a more than 50% discount compared to other quotes.

Contact our expert team to find out how we can source and deliver the quality aircraft parts you need at the right price.

Quality Components. Exceptional Service

Business jets we have recently performed teardowns on include the Gulfstream G200, Cessna Citation X, Gulfstream GV, Learjet 60, Challenger 601, Learjet 35, and Dassault Falcon 2000.

It means we always have a broad selection of quality components available and ready to ship immediately from our warehouses to support many different aircraft makes and models.

All supported by our world-renowned personalized service and expertise.

We Buy Aircraft Parts

We are actively sourcing the following aircraft parts:

Part No. Model Description
30B3100-02 PW306B Engine
AE3007C1 AE3007C1 Engine
3050000-5 CFE738-1-1B Engine

Parts to sell or interested in becoming a vendor?

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