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Aircraft Aviation Financing Services

Customized asset-based finance solutions for business aircraft, further enhancing the mid-vintage jet acquisition experience and optimizing investment for aircraft owners and operators. Underpinned by JSSI’s deep understanding of aircraft maintenance – we partner with the borrower in preserving the value of their assets. 

Flexible Asset Based Financing Solutions

Structures to match your purchase or refinancing needs

Through our ability to underwrite an aircraft at the component level, JSSI Aviation Capital becomes an alternative to traditional lending


Global Expertise,
Local Impact

With experience financing business jets in all continents; from emerging to mature markets


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Chris Miller

Managing Partner, JSSI Aviation Capital
+1 312 480-8132 [email protected]

Kyle O’Donnell

Director of Business Development, JSSI Aviation Capital
+1 404 889-2536 [email protected]

About JSSI Aviation Capital

JSSI acquired Shearwater Global Capital in May 2023 to provide customized options for financing preowned business aircraft. Founded in 2014 by Chris Miller, Shearwater was a private financier providing responsive, customized, asset-based and global financing solutions. JSSI Aviation Capital is dedicated to servicing individuals and companies who require asset finance alternatives outside mainstream lending options. The team has experience financing deals all over the world, from emerging markets in Asia and Africa to more mature markets like Europe and North America.

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