Top Considerations When Performing Maintenance in Remote Locations

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JSSI’s Grant Detrick, Senior Engine Technical Advisor, and Jeffrey Seiz, Airframe Program Manager, recently spoke with DOM Magazine about best practices on how to manage maintenance in remote locations.  

According to Detrick and Seiz, there are some key considerations when one needs to perform maintenance in a remote location, where the support network may not be as established. 

“Having a local representative who possesses knowledge of the area, as well as familiarity with the maintenance facilities, their qualifications and the regulatory bodies that can return the aircraft to service becomes an essential element,” they say. “The ability to be flexible and adaptable is critical in such situations, which often require the engagement of a specialized mobile repair team (MRT) to carry out necessary repairs at a local hangar or facility.” 

JSSI has technical advisors and product line specialists in more than 80 countries around the world, who are responsible to coordinate with local shops, procure parts, and oversee the event in AOG situations. 

“The regional technical advisor becomes the liaison between the client and a local contact in managing that event and minimizing downtime,” they say. 

Detrick and Seiz point out that operators typically travel with spare parts in the form of ‘fly away’ kits that include select parts that are more likely to fail or cause an AOG event. 

“This proves particularly useful when flying to remote locations where the supply of parts may be limited and the supply chain more complex,” they say. “JSSI’s Parts & Leasing division can help assemble these kits proactively, which may also be reimbursed within a chosen coverage under a JSSI Maintenance Program. Additionally, we work with a global network to support events with parts and supply chain solutions, anywhere in the world.” 

Read the full article here – page 22-24. 

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