What Is SierraTrax?

A New Lens Into Aviation Maintenance Tracking and Digital Aircraft Records Management

By Jason Talley, Founder, SierraTrax

Technology has changed our lives, removing manual, time-consuming processes to make day-to-day tasks easier, faster, and less stressful. But historically, the aviation industry, and business jet maintenance in particular, has been slow to adapt.

SierraTrax was created because we witnessed a need in the marketplace that was not being met by existing aircraft maintenance tracking software. Our aim was to build a platform and interface that was easy to use, affordable, and incorporated the very best of 21st century technology.

This powerful software is a disruptor, and we want to blaze our technology into new areas, generating positive insights so owners and operators can better control costs and understand how their aircraft are operating.

Watch this video from Jason Talley and Michele Pelz for more on the benefits of SierraTrax and digital aircraft maintenance logbooks.

The benefits of electronic aircraft maintenance records

Historically, logbooks are stored away from the aircraft, and not easily accessible when going into a maintenance event or pre-purchase inspection. Unfortunately, there are also cases when logbooks are lost or destroyed, resulting in a dramatic, preventable decline in aircraft value.

Fully digital aircraft maintenance logbooks give aircraft owners, operators, and maintenance facilities the ability to securely share records and easily search by keyword, part number, or description. This secondary copy contains every document associated with the maintenance and historical records of your business jet, condensing a lengthy search of paper records into just a few minutes online.

Your electronic aircraft logbook is easily accessible from any device via SierraTrax, removing the worry of shipping paper records to a maintenance facility or broker. Digitally backing up your aircraft logbooks not only increases efficiency from an operational standpoint, it also helps ensure that your aircraft resale value remains intact.

What happens without efficient aircraft maintenance tracking or digital aircraft records?

Without efficient aviation maintenance tracking, the result is a bottleneck for everyone who needs to review the records: aircraft owner, director of maintenance, broker, and the technician on the shop floor. If you don’t have up-to-date information on the status of the aircraft, then maintenance scheduling and management feels like trying to trudge through quicksand, instead of flying through the carpool lane during rush hour.

It’s important to remember that your aircraft records and logbooks can be vulnerable. Digital aircraft records save you from the stress of a fire, water damage, and even theft.

The SierraTrax difference: value-added digital aircraft maintenance software

SierraTrax streamlines aircraft maintenance processes by providing owners with digital aircraft maintenance logbooks, maintenance tracking, and professional scanning through our intuitive digital interface.

Our team of pilots and aircraft experts wanted a solution that they would be happy to use, knowing that if it worked for them, it would work for other principals and business jet owners. We knew existing maintenance tracking solutions in the industry were expensive, outdated, and hard to navigate, leading to widespread frustration. The key objective has always been to keep the end user in mind.

SierraTrax fundamentally differs because we know, understand, and use what we create on a daily basis. And because we streamlined our development team, we removed extraneous costs so we could pass on those savings to our customers.

Aviation maintenance tracking software powered by JSSI 

JSSI acquired SierraTrax in 2021. As a business owner, going through an acquisition is always a complex process, but there has been a great deal of synergy. Our firms both passionately believe in delivering affordable maintenance tracking, giving customers a choice, and the benefits of technology and data transparency.

JSSI offers a wealth of knowledge and technical experts that are helping to accelerate deployment of SierraTrax to new airframes, taking our products to operators who previously haven’t had a choice between maintenance tracking providers.

Bombardier, Dassault and Gulfstream, and more are all on our immediate roadmap because we’re now connected with a team of experts that understand these airframes from the inside out. Insight from SierraTrax is also blended with more than 30 years of JSSI operating cost data, complementing the level of detail now available to aircraft owners so they can manage their aircraft more efficiently.

To find out more about how SierraTrax can support your needs today, visit sierratrax.com.