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Maintenance Tracking and Forecasting

JSSI’s Asset Monitoring Platform (AMP) was designed specifically for business aviation lenders as a tool to assist in the mitigation of default risk and the management of financed aircraft. Through access to operating, payment, and maintenance data for their portfolios of financed aircraft, lenders can gain valuable insight into the financial risk exposure of their assets throughout the term of the loan.

AMP uses actual flight activity to plot where an asset lies in its maintenance life cycle and calculates an asset’s estimated financial exposure for upcoming maintenance events. With access to this data, lenders can gain a better understanding of how an asset’s upcoming financial exposure will impact the overall loan, and identify what an asset’s maintenance exposure will be should a repossession occur.

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Real Time Forecasting

With the Asset Monitoring Platform JSSI provides lenders with visibility into upcoming maintenance events.

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Anticipated Event Costs

As the worlds largest purchase of business aviation maintenance we understand exactly what an event is likely to cost. With AMP we leverage this knowledge to keep our customers informed about potential maintenance exposure.

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Fleet View

AMP allows a lender to evaluate the potential maintenance exposure across the entire fleet of aircraft in one location. The fleet view provides and easy to access snapshot of all pending events in a 12 month window of time.

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