Spotlight on Women in Aviation at JSSI

In honor of our industry colleagues who celebrated International Women in Aviation week March 6-12, JSSI is using this opportunity to turn the spotlight on a few of our own extraordinary women.

JSSI is one the leading companies promoting and hiring women into the industry. Among our amazing women are pilots, A&Ps, IT specialists, account/sales directors, senior managers and data analysts.

We’d like to highlight all the women working here, but we had to narrow it down to just a few. We asked each person about their pathways and involvement in the aviation industry. Their answers demonstrate that their journeys are as unique as each person:

Monica Alarcon

Senior Client Relationship Manager

"I've always had a passion for airplanes since my grandfather was a WWII pilot. I moved to Denver to be an Exchange Student and I was introduced to the Dean of College in Denver that offered a Degree in Aviation Management. I moved to Colorado to pursue my career in aviation and learn to fly too. I have been in aviation since 1996 and I will stay until I retire."

Aygul Gaysina

Product Manager

“My journey in the aviation industry started in data analysis at Traxxall Technologies and evolved into product development role as my understanding and knowledge of aviation grew with the guidance of all the wonderful people working in different sectors of the industry.

Joining the JSSI team opened new opportunities to further expand my horizons with innovative new products, processes and technologies.”

Sonya Harris

PMP Director of Project Management

"My love of aviation developed through my evolution here at Jet Support Services Inc. (JSSI). I first started in Accounting where I have branched out and learned the many disciplines of the company. As JSSI has grown, expanding our offerings and programs, so has my understanding of aviation."

Sophie Machet

Data Analytics Supervisor

"I never really thought about aviation more than any other industry. I knew I liked science and wanted to do something in the field of engineering. After looking at different schools, I realized that aviation was the perfect industry for me because it combined my interest in both engineering and travel, so I graduated with a Bachelor and Master of Aerospace Engineering and an MBA and looked for opportunities in business aviation.

Finding JSSI was the best thing that happened to me professionally, I am part of an amazing team who shares my love for aviation and inspire me to do better every day."

Emily Mellinger

Alliance Program & Market Intelligence Director

"I became involved in BizAv during college; a requirement of my degree was to work a paid summer internship in a field related to my major. That serendipitous three month internship at a local airframe MRO shop turned into 17 years in various maintenance sales roles as the company increased in both size and services.

I’m grateful for the knowledge, unforgettable experiences, and most importantly, the invaluable friendships I’ve gained over the years in our unique and rewarding industry."

Sheena Nolin

Engine Technical Advisor

"I got into aviation via joining the Army. I signed up as a turbine engine repairer and spent the next three years working on helicopters during the week and scuba on the weekends. It was a great way to get hooked on this industry. Once I left the military, I was looking for a decent career where I could be happy, so I went to school to get my civilian A&P certificate.

After completing school, I was lucky enough to find a wonderful general aviation FBO in Indiana. We did everything from small aircraft to airline callouts. They also did work on helicopters, warbirds and aircraft recovery, which is picking up aircraft after an incident or crash. Not always the easiest work but it had many teachable moments. From there I was asked to begin teaching. First it was part time, then full and then I was made Program Chair. That was a very rewarding period of my career. Being able to share my enthusiasm and love for aviation was very fulfilling. I am still in contact with many of the students I had during my time there. After that, I joined JSSI and I have been enjoying the past eight years working with our team and clients."

Eva Rowlee

Product Line Manager - Honeywell Engine & APU

"I moved into Business Aviation after 20 years in the Commercial Aviation industry in 2015 during a slowdown in the Commercial sector. I want to credit the many male mentors/leaders that I have been honored to work with that saw my ambition and drive and helped open doors for me when I did not trust my own confidence.

I also credit my parents for their work ethic that they demonstrated to me and my siblings growing up. My mom instilled in us that you can work in any field and do whatever you want as long as you were willing to work hard. This may sound funny, by my father did not discriminate when it came to learning or chores. He was an auto mechanic for years and he taught me and my sisters how to change a tire on a car just like my brothers. He would have us call all around town looking for parts to fix something for someone and I had no idea at that time that I would use those very simple skills to help private jet owners find parts during our challenging supply chain shortages."

Nel Stubbs

Director, JSSI Consulting. Conklin & de Decker

"I got involved in the business aviation industry in 1987 when I went to work at the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) as an administrative assistant. Within four months of starting, I was given the opportunity to create an aviation tax program for NBAA. Very thankful for that opportunity and I never thought that the knowledge I obtained from doing that research would still be part of me today."

Elizabeth "Elie" Torres

Client Relationship Manager

"As a child I always got caught playing with my father’s tiny SR-71 Blackbird and F-117 Nighthawk models. The same stealth aircrafts he painted while working at Lockheed Martin. I suppose that is where it all began.

In high school I was set to receive a full basketball scholarship for college, so I chose a school with an Aviation Program and earned my Degree in Aviation Management. I fell in love with learning about aviation. After earning my degree, I started flight training with dreams of becoming a pilot. I fell in love with flying. I started working with JSSI in 2018 as a Technical Coordinator in Fleet Services where I was surrounded by a group of veteran wrench turners and their vast knowledge of everything that flies. I fell in love with the people of aviation. At the start of 2023 I was offered a position as a Client Relationship Manager in Client Services. I wonder what part of aviation I will fall in love with next…"

Jessika Venne

Business Development Manager

"If you had told me 15 years ago, when I became a flight attendant and began my pilot’s license, that I would be where I am today, I would have been skeptical. But aviation is so intriguing. The more you learn and grow in it, the more it pushes you to evolve and explore its many different paths."

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