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Maintenance Cost Planning Services

For nearly three decades, JSSI has been the only company in the world to provide coverage for nearly any combination of airframe, engine and APU models. We provide complete aircraft coverage for virtually every component on more than 170 aircraft from 14 manufacturers.    

This is our core business and JSSI answers only to you. As an independent provider, JSSI is uniquely positioned to provide our clients with expert and unbiased advice on the real costs associated with owning and maintaining an aircraft. With more than 2,000 aircraft under JSSI maintenance management, we are the single largest purchaser of aviation maintenance services across every business aircraft in production. We understand the true costs because we pay the invoices. If you are considering purchasing a new aircraft, or looking for advice regarding where to take your next major inspection, let JSSI work for you. 

JSSI—The World Leader in Hourly Cost Maintenance

Whether you are a CAMO, management company, or flight department, maintenance costs are a high priority in any operation. Management may be seeking an explanation about certain costs, or trying to pull information together to complete the budget. Whatever your need may be, JSSI is a reliable source with three decades of actual maintenance cost data. Let us be your resource to help you plan and budget for your operations.

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Maintenance Cost Planning

If you are an operator who prefers to assume maintenance risk, rather than enroll onto a program, JSSI can help you plan and prepare. We offer one-time cost analysis and ongoing recurring cost-planning services. Contact us below to learn more.

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Aircraft Maintenance Rating

Here at JSSI, we have often assigned internal maintenance ratings to aircraft. We are now extending this to the market as a stand-alone service so, if you are in the market for a new aircraft, do not make that purchase before consulting with JSSI first.

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High Utilization Planning

JSSI has experience in the development and implementation of high-utilization maintenance planning. Over time, our approach to maximizing the balance between safety, availability and cost can offer our high-utilization fleet clients significant savings.

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