JSSI and Avfuel to Match Carbon Credit Purchases at NBAA-BACE

NBAA-BACE, LAS VEGAS, Oct. 11, 2021 – Jet Support Services, Inc. (JSSI), and Avfuel Corporation will match carbon credits purchased by JSSI’s Hourly Cost Maintenance (HCM) clients who register for this carbon credit matching program at the NBAA Business Aviation Convention & Exhibition (NBAA-BACE) in booth #1333.

Each carbon credit offsets one metric ton of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions through direct investment in a selection of projects that provide a positive impact upon the environment and meet strict standards. Clients who register at NBAA-BACE can choose to offset their aircraft’s emissions when reporting October flight activity within the MyJSSI client portal; JSSI and Avfuel will match October’s carbon credit purchases by registered customers to further offset up to 10 additional flight hours per aircraft.

“JSSI’s HCM clients represent approximately 10% of the world’s business aviation fleet, so by further encouraging adoption of sustainability initiatives, we can take a notable step toward the industry’s goal of carbon neutrality,” said Neil Book, chairman and CEO of JSSI.

“Avfuel is proud to partner with JSSI as it actively supports clients with carbon emissions reductions,” said Craig Sincock, Avfuel’s president and CEO. “We hope through Avfuel’s Carbon Offset Program and this matching opportunity, operators will see the tangible difference they can make to reach carbon neutrality targets and reduce their impact on the environment.”

JSSI’s collaboration with Avfuel, announced in August 2021, enables clients to evaluate and reduce their carbon footprint by estimating emissions through an online CO2 calculator and offset these emissions by purchasing carbon credits when reporting monthly flight hours within the MyJSSI client portal. Operators can also opt to purchase sustainable aviation fuel through Avfuel at select locations. To access the free CO2 calculator and learn more about JSSI and Avfuel’s credit matching program, visit jetsupport.com/sustainability/.

Visit the JSSI booth (#1333) and Avfuel booth (#945) at the 2021 NBAA-BACE.