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Helicopter Maintenance Programs

For over 30 years, JSSI has been the leading independent provider of maintenance programs to the aviation industry. The JSSI team is comprised of almost every practice in the industry, including former DOMs, OEM Regional Customer Managers, Avionics Engineers, Airframe & Engine Technicians, Service Facility Managers, and many more specialties. With JSSI you can tap into a global network of available Technical Advisors to support “your” assets. We become a vital extension of your maintenance department, providing 24/7/365 global assistance, wherever you may fly. It’s no wonder why people choose JSSI hourly cost maintenance programs to provide them with protection from the high cost of maintenance®.

Frequently Asked Questions


Pioneered by JSSI, the pro-rata—or cost-sharing plan—is available for our engine program clients in lieu of paying a fee for prior hours flown (i.e., “buy-in”) at the time of original enrollment. Pro-rata are defined at the time of enrollment and are based upon the engine hours and cycles, divided by the scheduled maintenance intervals for major maintenance events and life-limited component replacement. For example, a client with 1,000-hours flown, a 2,000-hour Hot Section interval, and a 4,000-hour time between overhaul (TBO), would be responsible for 50 percent of the first Hot Section and 25 percent of the first Overhaul following enrollment. The program would be fully responsible for all future Hot Sections and Overhauls. The optional engine buy-in applies to any in-service engine. When these funds are paid, the pro-rata associated with scheduled maintenance events are eliminated and the engines are covered 100 percent by JSSI, subject only to contract exclusions.

Are We Committed to a Specific Repair Facility?

No. You are not committed to a specific facility; however, allowing JSSI to select the repair facility enables us to provide the most cost-effective coverage for your aircraft. JSSI works exclusively with OEM and authorized service centers to maintain assets and we are committed to selecting only the very best maintenance providers to work on your assets. Over the years, we have developed strong relationships with certain maintenance providers and parts suppliers and, in return, we have the ability to lower your maintenance costs through discounted repairs and lower hourly rates. If preferred, you may choose an alternative maintenance facility as long as it is approved by both the governing aviation authority and the OEM.

Do I Need JSSI Programs On New Aircraft?

Yes. The new engine and airframe warranty is the principal way of ensuring that a new aircraft and/or engines will perform as designed. However, manufacturers’ warranties do not cover scheduled maintenance or major inspections. Once the warranty expires, the owner/operator is no longer covered for unscheduled maintenance, unless of course the owner/operator is on the JSSI Program at time of delivery. JSSI offers a reduced hourly rate during the warranty period. Owners/operators should also note the varying warranty periods that apply to specific aircraft components. It is possible to be under warranty protection for a specific component and out of warranty protection on another component. JSSI accrues funds for all scheduled events, beginning with the very first flight hour. As such, maintenance and repair coverage is completely seamless for the owner/operator when the warranty expires.

Do I Have Options For Engine Coverage?

JSSI offers programs at varying levels of coverage to suit your engine maintenance needs. Some clients opt for a program focused on shop visits, service bulletins and catastrophic engine failure. Others seek to include coverage for scheduled repair and replacement of life-limited components (LLCs), expanded shipping options, AOG support, or labor for routine inspections. JSSI’s suite of programs are tailored to your flight profile and budgetary needs. We also offer protection from only unforeseen maintenance costs, for those willing to accept all other budgetary responsibilities for scheduled maintenance. Program upgrades are also available for an additional charge to the hourly rate.

How Do I Enroll?

You may request a quote at anytime online and a JSSI representative will reach out to you immediately. You may also leverage our interactive contact-us tool on the website to view the contact details for the JSSI representatives in your region.

Do JSSI Programs Add Residual Value?

Absolutely. When choosing to enroll in an hourly cost maintenance program, aircraft owners, operators and their lenders have many things to consider. At the forefront of any decision to enroll are concerns such as residual value, service and flexibility. JSSI programs are consistently valued on par with OEM programs by lenders, appraisers and the broker community.

Still have questions?

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