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For nearly three decades, JSSI has been the world leader in hourly cost maintenance programs and is the single largest purchaser of parts and maintenance services in the business aviation industry. With JSSI Parts, we are expanding our parts services to give you, our client, the advantage of JSSI buying power and expertise. Contact JSSI Parts Today 1-877-71-PARTS (72787)

Currently Sourcing Parts For:

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Buying Power

With thousands of engines, APUs and airframes on JSSI programs, our buying power allows us to negotiate the best possible price. Suppliers of original equipment parts, new replacement parts and providers of overhauled and serviceable parts all know that JSSI delivers the volume. In addition, our experience with virtually every make and model of business jet, turboprop and helicopter means we can provide invaluable consultation and quick solutions to even the toughest parts request. If we don’t have the needed part in our inventory, we’ll find it.

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Model S/N Part #
CFE738-1-1B P105173 3050000-5
CFE738-1-1B P105158 3050000-5
GTCP36-150[F2M] P-272 3800548-2
GTCP36-150CL P-268C 3800804-1
GTCP36-150CL P-284 3800804-1
GTCP36-150CX P-320 3800576-1
RE100XL P-991 3800722-1
RE100XL P-185 3800722-1
RE220GV P-155 WE3800700-1
RE220GX P-295 WE3800714-1
TFE731-40R-200G P-113250 3060040-5
Pratt & Whitney
PW305A PCE-305253 31B4067-02
PW306B PCE-CD0143 30B3100-02
PW306B PCE-CD0046 30B3100-02
Rolls Royce
AE3007C1 CAE330071 AE3007C
AE3007C1 CAE330084 AE3007C
BR700-710A2-20 12234 BR700-710A2-20
BR700-710A2-20 12237 BR700-710A2-20
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Purchase, Repair & Vendor Management

Gain access to JSSI’s worldwide vendor network and discount structure. Whether it is a simple nut, bolt, washer or a complete engine or APU, our customers have access to JSSI Parts’ partners to facilitate guaranteed deliveries at the best possible prices. JSSI Parts manages over 1,500 Purchase and Repair Orders monthly, and has a well-established network of suppliers that have proven their ability to deliver. Contact us today to learn how we can provide your operation with access to these vendors and how to obtain the best pricing, without compromising quality.

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Global Reach

Our global reach means that we can dispatch parts to any place on earth in record time. We dispatch worldwide from inventory distribution points in Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami and the UK.

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Complete Supply Chain Solutions

From the extensive JSSI Parts inventory to vendor marketplace access and engine and APU lease pool, JSSI Parts delivers complete supply chain solutions. The team’s pricing knowledge drives down acquisition cost and secures residual value—ultimately securing significant cost savings. JSSI Parts also offers logistical support backed by existing JSSI infrastructure. The team can source and acquire inventory fast and even assist with customs and freight management. Over 70 technical representatives are at your service around the world, all with extensive market knowledge, technical expertise and troubleshooting solutions.

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