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Model S/N Part #
CFE738-1-1B P105173 3050000-5
CFE738-1-1B P105350 3050000-5
GTCP36-150[F2M] P-272 3800548-2
GTCP36-150CL P-268C 3800804-1
GTCP36-150CL P-284 3800804-1
GTCP36-150CX P-320 3800576-1
GTCP36-150F2M P-122 3800548-1
GTCP36-150RJ P-160C 3800488-3
RE100XL P-181 3800722-1
RE100XL P-185 3800722-1
RE100XL P-128 3800722-1
RE220GV P-155 WE3800700-1
RE220GX P-295 WE3800714-1
TFE731-40R-200G P-113250 3060040-5
Pratt & Whitney
PW306B PCE-CD0143 30B3100-02
PW306B PCE-CD0046 30B3100-02
Rolls Royce
AE3007C1 CAE330071 AE3007C
AE3007C1 CAE330084 AE3007C
BR700-710A2-20 12234 BR700-710A2-20
BR700-710A2-20 12458 BR700-710A2-20
BR700-710A2-20 12146 BR700-710A2-20
BR700-710A2-20 12145 BR700-710A2-20
BR700-710A2-20 12281 BR700-710A2-20
ARRIEL 2S2 42085 0292005450
ARRIEL 2S2 42056 0292005450

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