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Aircraft Acquisition Webinar

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June 15 | July 15 | August 19



Eligible for IADA U continuing education program credits!


What’s the best method to rank aircraft? How has financing been impacted by recent events? How do the latest state sales and use taxes apply to business aircraft ownership and leasing operations? How can you make smart insurance decisions?

Join us for this three-part Conklin & de Decker webinar series exploring what a buyer needs to know when acquiring an aircraft.

This is your chance to engage with industry experts at every stage of the acquisition process and have your questions answered.

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Aircraft Acquisition Live Webinar Series: Part 1
Tuesday, June 15 | 10-11-30 a.m. CT

Event sponsors: Assured Partners, Mesinger Jet Sales, Taughannock Aviation

How to Determine the Right Aircraft for the Mission

Jay Mesinger, Mesinger Jet Sales

How do you differentiate between “required” and “desired” criteria? How do you define and quantify a key mission? How many aircraft do you really need to perform the required missions? Learn how to set up quantitative analyses for evaluating candidate aircraft. Put it all together with solid analysis and rank aircraft based on measurable, unbiased criteria.

Private Air Travel Options

Andy Priester, Priester Aviation
Anthony Tivnan, Magellan Jets
Kevin O’ Leary, Jet Advisors

What factors determine whether you should own an aircraft and, if so, how much of an aircraft should you own? Charter, card programs, joint ownership, co-ownership, whole ownership are all options that should be considered. The pros and cons of the various modes of transportation will be discussed.

State Tax Planning

Nel Stubbs, Conklin & de Decker

This session will cover how state sales and use taxes apply to business aircraft ownership and leasing operations. The review will cover not only the basics of aircraft registration fees and personal property taxes but also how they apply to business aircraft. What are some of the common exemptions and misconceptions regarding these taxes? These and other issues will be discussed and analyzed.


Aircraft Acquisition Live Webinar Series: Part 2
Thursday, July 15 | 10-11-30 a.m. CT

Event sponsors: Assured Partners, PNC Bank, NAFA, IADA

Competitive Acquisition

Every organization purchases aircraft at some point in time. There is usually more than one type of aircraft that can perform the mission for the organization, which potentially creates a competitive environment for the eventual purchase of the aircraft. This session will demonstrate how management can use cost information to create a competitive bid environment, which in turn will lead to a reduction of the initial quoted acquisition price.

Bill de Decker, Conklin & de Decker

Aircraft Financing

Financing is about more than just getting a good interest rate. How do you evaluate a lender? Should you lease instead? What are operating leases, capital leases and synthetic leases? Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Hear more about how general aviation aircraft financing is impacted by the current economy.

Lou Seno, Jet Support Services, Inc.
Keith Hayes, PNC Bank
Joe Catarina, Global Jet Capital

Hourly Cost Maintenance Options

Known by many names and offered by a variety of companies, hourly cost maintenance programs (HCMPs) are designed to simplify the behavior of maintenance costs by offering predictability in an area of cost uncertainty. As with any tool, simplifying a complex subject requires additional insight before making an informed decision. This session will explore what typically is and is not included in an HCMP, as well as what you should consider when evaluating a program.

George Kleros, Jet Support Services, Inc.


Aircraft Acquisition Live Webinar Series: Part 3
Thursday, August 19 | 10-11-30 a.m. CT

Event sponsors: Assured Partners, Priester Aviation


Are you properly insured? Do you really have all the insurance that the management company is providing, or is it shared? How much is enough insurance? How can you lower your insurance premiums? Who should carry worker’s compensation? What kind of insurance is appropriate for an operation? How can you manage your risks? How would having a Safety Management System in place manage your risk? This session will answer these questions and more to assist in making the best decisions regarding your insurance coverage.

Bill Kingsley, Assured Partners
Greg Sterling, Aviation Insurance Association

Proper Structuring

This session will provide a discussion of various ownership and leasing options within the Federal Aviation Regulations. In addition, it will look at whole, joint, fractional and co-ownership programs using specific flight department scenarios. How does the FAA view wet and dry leases? What should you know about a “flight department company?”  How does the FAA’s interest in operational control impact your agreements? These and other questions will be discussed.

Nel Stubbs, Conklin & de Decker

How to Manage Maintenance Costs

Arriving at a common understanding regarding maintenance costs by learning more about their many variables and assumptions is only part of the journey. An organization should also control and manage their maintenance costs, which leads to a more efficient use of their limited resources. This session will identify the categories of costs that are significant and warrant the attention of management, as well as demonstrate methods to control and measure the costs.

Brandon Battles, Conklin & de Decker


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2021-06-15 @ 10:00 AM (CDT) to
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