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The Aircraft Operating Cost & Performance Guide

The industry standard for relative cost and benchmarking. Create beautiful and effective reports to compare and evaluate fixed and variable FulLife™ aircraft operating costs. All powered by decades of the most accurate and detailed performance and specification data available for jets, turboprops, helicopters and piston aircraft.

Analyze real-world variable and fixed costs

Review performance and specification data

Create engaging overlays, graphs and graphics

Access 500+ makes and models

Cost Analysis

Understand and compare real-world annual and hourly aircraft operating costs. Review the variable costs of fuel, maintenance, landing and parking. Analyze fixed costs of crew, hangar, insurance, services, and more.

Performance and Specification Data

See the complete picture with the most accurate performance and specification data on the market, including:

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    Max range, speed, climb rate, and altitude
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    Takeoff and landing lengths
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    Weights and payloads
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    Interior dimensions
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    Aircraft overlays
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    Range maps

Compare Aircraft

Create engaging reports to visually compare up to three aircraft at once. Identify aircraft that meet your mission requirements and review multiple operating scenarios to gain additional insight.

Aircraft Overlays

Review simple aircraft overlays for an easy visual comparison of the front, side, and top dimensions of jets, turboprops, helicopters, and piston aircraft.


With the Conklin Calculator, you can tailor every assumption or cost to match your mission requirements and create custom comparison reports that accurately reflect your unique situation.

Interior & Exterior

View detailed interior and exterior dimensions and renderings.

Range Maps

Identify aircraft with the range you need.

Weight and Payload

Understand weight and payload limitations.

Customizable and Configurable

Build fully customized reports based on your operation, regional costs, preferred units of measure and currency. Edit assumptions, adjust costs and create a detailed report that reflects your aircraft requirements.

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    Size of operation
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    Type of operation
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    Regional costs
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    Units of measure
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Create Branded Reports

Download a PDF report

Generate a data-only report

Export to Excel

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