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Digital tools to keep you on track.

Our industry-leading MRO and aircraft management software offers a fully integrated solution to manage business processes specific to the aviation MRO industry.

Solutions to manage a range of MRO services, including:

Aircraft maintenance
tracking & planning
Aircraft maintenance &
Engine &
component overhaul
Manufacturing &
parts distribution

Improve Business Performance

Replace multiple applications and programs with a complete suite of capabilities designed to provide total visibility into all MRO business processes.

Merge technical, commercial, materials, logistics, financial, and quality control processes into one streamlined application to help you build and maintain an efficient business operation.

Transform Your Organization

From businesses offering commercial maintenance services to those managing and maintaining their own fleet of aircraft, Aerotrac is trusted every day by aviation MRO organizations of all sizes across the globe.

What are the Benefits?

Improve workflow management

Bring discipline, regimentation and control to business processes.

Accurate data

Reduce costly errors with controlled data inputs and system defaults to maintain data integrity.

Increase profits

Analyze every aspect of the business and take action to reduce costs and increase profit margins.

Exceptional support

Succeed with a customer support team dedicated to making Aerotrac work for your business.

Fast and secure

Accomplish day-to-day tasks quickly and securely with a single point of data entry and admin controls.

Improve performance

Make informed decisions with enhanced visibility into all business functions.

Save time and money

Drilldown quickly and act on the data that matters to your business with intuitive functionality.

Take Control of Your Business

Reduce inefficiencies and costs. Improve performance, productivity and profits. We offer personalized consultancy and training solutions tailored to meet the needs of your business and help you get the most out of Aerotrac.

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Aerotrac Features

Aerotrac offers the most standard features on the market to help you manage inventory, customers, suppliers, orders, invoicing, finance and personnel.

Inventory & Logistics Management

Improve overall control of your operation and get the digital tools you need to implement structure and discipline, improve material planning, save time and provide in-depth inventory analysis.


  • Ensure material traceability
  • View material management and ordering dashboards
  • Generate material shortage reports
  • Process purchase, repair, process and service orders
  • Manage non-stock items, consignment stock and customer property
  • Control PMA parts, exchange cores and shelf-life stock
  • Control stock transfers between multiple warehouses

Commercial Maintenance

Aerotrac brings a wide range of features to commercial maintenance organizations offering services to third parties. And it fully integrates with all technical, inventory, logistics and financial functions.


  • Create quotations and process orders for over-the-counter sales and distribution
  • Improve customer relationship management
  • Manage selling price options and matrices for parts
  • Generate detailed MRO quotations and work order estimates
  • Create work order invoicing for hangar and workshop inputs
  • Report on planned arrivals, sales forecasting and profit margin
  • Manage service and OEM warranties


Aerotrac offers the flexibility required for capacity planning. Create complex shift patterns and track all employee time-booking activities.


  • Specify departments and workgroups to hold employee records
  • Manage complex shift patterns and allocate employees
  • Generate employee timesheets to track productive and non-productive hours
  • Integrate the Time Clock application for barcoded data collection
  • Create attendance, job cost, turn-time analysis and productivity reports

Financial Management

Capture accounts receivable, accounts payable and general ledger activities and transfer to the accounting solution of your choice.


  • Transfer data to standard accounting solutions (restrictions may apply)
  • Generate reports on stock valuation and parts received not invoiced
  • Report on aging and slow-moving stock
  • Produce instant work-in-progress valuations
  • Post purchase and sales invoices
  • Review nominal journals, including reversing and timesheet journals
  • Manage debtors and creditors
  • Manage contracts and link sales and work orders to multilevel contracts


Aerotrac includes more than 350 system reports as standard. A discrete set of reports is included within every module that can be filtered and printed, or exported and opened in Microsoft Excel.

Optional Modules

Get instant visibility into the current status of every job to help you manage workflow, record compliance and provide traceability with a menu of available modules to meet and exceed the unique needs of your aviation MRO business.

Aircraft Maintenance Planning & Continuing Airworthiness Management

Control continuing airworthiness and all associated on- and off-wing
aircraft parts according to a prescribed maintenance program.


  • Build multiple detailed aircraft maintenance programs for all aircraft types and sizes
  • Generate maintenance forecasts for a single aircraft, component, or the entire fleet
  • Calculate complex life-limited parts utilization using built-in algorithms
  • Utilize configuration management to ensure the timely overhaul, inspection and replacement of life-limited parts
  • Track compliance on inspections, modifications, OEM publications and airworthiness directives

Aircraft Maintenance

Capture every aspect of an aircraft maintenance event with Aerotrac hangar projects.


  • Generate unique hangar projects to manage a base or line maintenance input
  • Configure technical documentation, including task cards for scheduled tasks and squawks
  • Utilize the inspection workbench function for hangar floor integration, including electronic parts requisition and in-house or subcontracted rework requests
  • Generate airworthiness release and logbook certifications
  • Integrate STC modifications and approved design changes with links to manufacturing work orders

Engine and Component Overhaul and Repair

Capture every aspect of an aircraft maintenance event with Aerotrac hangar projects.


  • Control MRO workscope inputs for engines, components and piece-parts
  • Create maintenance input paths and track progress and location of parts
  • Link sub-work orders seamlessly to parent work orders
  • Generate and link technical documentation
  • Define standard builds of engines and component assemblies
  • Record results, request and route parts for in-house or subcontracted maintenance
  • Automatically generate release certifications
  • Create component log cards for life-limited components

Manufacture and Modification

Capture every aspect of the manufacture or modification of an aircraft or part.


  • Create detailed multilevel manufacturing work orders
  • Control the manufacturing process path and track part progress and location
  • Configure setup and run times and link to separate work centers and publications
  • Use the quick print pack option to generate industry-standard documentation
  • Perform work order inspections to pass or fail material at the inspection stage
  • Auto-assign serial numbers to components
  • Link with workshop and hangar work orders for modifications
  • Generate and track engineering change notes and production permits

Quality Management

Audit and analyze data and record conformance with this fully integrated
module to avoid data duplication and eliminate separate applications.


  • Manage capabilities
  • Create a full technical library and control and review publications
  • Establish a tooling and GSE register for tracking tool usage and maintenance plans
  • Record non-compliance, corrective actions and ensure conformance
  • Rate vendors based on delivery performance and rejections
  • Report on aircraft and component reliability
  • Track engineer, pilot and technician license and training records, control logbook records

Additional Modules and Features:

  • Publications and technical library control
  • MRO quotations & planned arrivals
  • Tool/GSE Register
  • Multiple warehouse support
  • Parts distribution and online shop
  • Crystal Reports integration
  • Barcoded data collection
  • Time and attendance
  • Warranty management
  • Contract management

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